A 2 day life transforming program which will open doors to your financial success. 


Are you frustrated, worried and angry because, 

  •  You don’t know how to start investing and trading in stock markets?
  •  Want to search an alternative career in stock markets and don’t know how to do?
  •  Want to know how to have a second source of income through stock markets?
  •  How can we dedicate time as working professionals to successfully trade and still make consistent profits?
  •  Don’t know how to plan for Children’s education, Children’s marriage, etc?
  •  Want to soon build your own house through additional earnings in stock markets?
  •  Don’t know how to plan for happy retirement?
  •  You are not getting the right trading systems, tools and strategies to profitably trade and invest in stock markets?
  •  Don’t know how to select the right stocks for trading and investing?
  • Don’t know how to plan your taxes and earn an optimal return on your overall portfolio consisting of gold, bank deposits, real estate, mutual funds, shares etc. 

THE SOLUTION: “Zero to Millionaire”  A Signature program by CA Rudramurthy!

  •   This is a practical result oriented workshop.
  •   There will be extensive real life examples and case studies to ensure clear understanding of concepts
  •  You will gain the experience of implementing the learnings immediately post workshop
  •  You will walk out with clear understanding and actionable steps to start trading/investing successfully
  •  You will achieve your financial goals to the fullest


  •   You will be in a position to trade and invest in stock markets; Profitably & Independently.
  •  You will learn to generate a consistent second source of income through stock markets.
  •  You will know how to select the right stocks for short term trading.
  •  You will know how to select multi-bagger stocks for long term investing.
  •   You will learn the techniques and secrets of successful trading & investing, followed by CA Rudramurthy.
  •  You will be in a position to have proper asset allocation between Bank deposit, Mutual fund, Stocks, Real estate etc.
  •   You will learn how to plan for all your financial goals in the most scientific way to achieve the desired goals at the earliest.
  •  You will learn the secrets of spending minimum free time to study stocks and still trade successfully.
  •   You will learn a clear system of risk management for optimal return.
  •  You will learn the secrets of becoming debt free and reaching the status of multi-millionaire at the quickest possible time.


  •  Benefits of Investing and trading in Stock markets.
  •   A brief introduction to Stock markets, technical analysis, Candle stick patterns, fundamental analysis, Value Investing, Derivatives (FNO) and RUDRAOLOGY.
  •  Change your mindset, to change your financial blueprint.
  •  How to win the money game and the WHY FACTOR of making Money.
  •  Attain Financial Freedom at the earliest.
  •  Money Management Techniques through Jar System.
  •  Which Money Personality do you belong to?
  •  Make your dreams come true through the power of Sub-Conscious mind.
  •   Do you listen to money or money listens to you?.
  •   How to remove fear and have the right attitude for Successful Investing and trading.
  •   2 Powerful trading systems to identify stocks for short term trading.
  •   How to select stocks for long term investing?


= Rs.4,999 + GST Rs.899 = Rs.5,899/-

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CA Rudramurthy B.V.

Author, Trader, Trainer

He is a Chartered accountant and holds five master degrees in the field of finance and control. He has an MCom, MFM, MPhil, PGDBA, PGDMM.He trades successfully with the techniques of “RUDRAOLOGY” his proprietary trading system, Market profile and Order Flow Analysis. He is often interviewed on CNBC TV18, ETNOW, TV9, PUBLIC TV and many more highly reputed business channels. He is quoted by the Wall Street post, Reuters, Bloomberg wire, Economic times and Money Control to name a few.

He has a huge fan following for his market views and articles on trading. He is extremely active on Social Media namely, twitter under the handle @iamrudramurthy. Apart from trading, he also mentors committed traders to become big in their trading journeys. He is among the top 5 speakers in the world on trading as per ONLINE TRADING SUMMIT – 2019 and the only INDIAN to be ranked so high.